Why work at CBV?

A CBV career is a great career

CBV prides itself on creating a supportive, secure, and healthy work environment. Our team has a lot of fun, learns often, and is constantly improving and amazing on several levels.
A career at CBV comes with:

Job Security

Collections is a needed service, which means that there is always opportunity to advance internally or to join the company at an entry level and move upward.


From social committees, jeans days, and internal events to extended health benefits, group RRSPs, continuing education, and more, CBV Collection Services offers a dynamic, rich, and gratifying work experience.


Our team speaks more than 50 languages and hails from over 50 countries. We are diverse in culture and in talent.


We have our own CBV University – online training courses available at no cost to managers, supervisors, and anyone keen on self-development.