We are CBV.

When most people hear the words “collections agency”, they furrow their brows.

At CBV, we’ve spent 97 years changing the way people feel about collections by actually taking the frustration out of it – for creditors and consumers alike. We have a long-standing history of financial stability and corporate success.

We’re nice people who like to help. We are problem solvers and go-getters. And we feel good when debts are paid. Consumers sigh relief, and creditors say Thank You.

We work with consumers to offer supportive, genuine, and trustworthy service. Consumers pay on their own accord with confidence and integrity. Creditors receive payment fast and in full more often than not.

We operate on ethics and honesty. We follow regulations strictly and privacy laws to the letter. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that you know you’re working with a team that delivers.

Our mission.

CBV aims to be North America’s leader in collection services, using our experience and ingenuity to fulfill our clients’ trust while investing in our employees’ future.

Core values.

Ethical and Honest Behaviour
Quality Service
High Productivity and Performance
Positive Work Environment

A little bit of background.

CBV has been a privately-held company since 1921.
*CBV Collection Services Ltd (Canada) is a separate entity and is not an affiliate of CBV Collections, Inc (USA)